Protecting Yourself at Work with Workcover Benefits

Whatever kind of job we have, it is important that we know our rights so we could protect ourselves at work. Abuses are a common thing in the employment environment that is why we have to have the right information about how we can protect ourselves. Of course, even we have the dream job that might make us feel like we do not have to worry anything, it is important that we are educated for us to know what we would do when that dream bubble pops. In every workplace, the human resource department always make sure that they have laid out the employment rights of every employee to keep balance in the workplace. However, employers should also be protected because they are also prone to abuses. It keeps the balance between the employer and the employee so that they know their limits and know what to expect from each other. The employment varies from the kind of job that we have but we have to make sure that everyone is basically protected. It is important that we dig deeper what this is all about.

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Your Rights as A Worker

Once a person enters the employment world, he is automatically entitled to legal rights that are equally given to anyone in the company. However, it is important that even we are given rights, there are limitations to it and we must respect others’ rights as well. One of the basic rights that an employee receives is his right to receive the minimum wage that the national government declared throughout the country. This means that you have the right to complain when you receive salary below the minimum. This should be given in an official payslip that puts in writing all the details how your salary come about. It is also important that before you report to work you must secure a written contract that you and your employer have signed. When it comes to health, your employer is also required to give you proper compensation to cover your medical treatment. Visit for all your questions and inquiries about workcover benefits and other legal issues you may encounter.

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Other Rights That Can Be Added

In many companies, it has been a practice that aside from the legal rights that an employee should receive, employers may also add additional agreement about the contract you will be having. Of course, it is important that we read first the additional agreement and make sure both you would agree to the terms and conditions set. This can be used as a reference to any breach of contract that might happen especially when we did not receive any workcover benefits after some incident. Even if they have some addition to the contract, employers should make sure that their employees would be fully compensated when there are accidents at work.

Read the instructions to help you understand the claims process.


More than anything else, an employee often work for the company because of the kind of compensation he receives. It is of utmost important that you receive the compensation that you well deserved.

Above all else, even if we have secured a contract at work, we have to make sure that we have an employment lawyer that we can call if we face some problems at work.

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