All about the curious breed of Siberian Husky

seberian husky

The Huskies are relatively super-efficient dogs who are relatively curious in nature and can travel long distances with less much need for food. These dogs are often not able to live in hot weather, so it is advisable that their owners should take them for a walk only in early morning or at the night when there is a drop-in temperature. If you think that you can shave husky, then it is not recommended. The coat of hairs helps their body in regulating the temperature. Just to make them live in warm, don’t shave otherwise they might get sunburn. In Siberia, these dogs are used for sledding that could help local tribes to move their things from one place to another.

Energetic dogs with amazing traits

These dogs are full of energy and thus they more in running and exercises. Never let these dogs on the loose out in the area until unless it is covered with a fence. They are prone to run and thus in open areas they tend to run away. Siberian Husky are healthy dogs, and thus they can live for a few days on less amount of food. They gradually increase their weight on getting high-protein healthy diet. They groom themselves, and they don’t take much of bathing. Their hairs don’t shed like other dogs so once a week brushing is sufficient for them. The personality is similar to the wolf, and their eyes are blue. Mostly in the tundra region, these dogs work as sled dogs, and people use them to cover distances. They run fast, and due to double coat, they can easily work in ice.


Husky are great dogs because they are intelligent, high on energy and are friendly. They are good dogs and are counted in the working class of dogs. Some people called them therapist dog.